West Michigan Co-op Celebrates 5 Years of Connecting Local Farms, Businesses, and Consumers

When West Michigan Co-op (“the Co-op”) opened for business in November 2006, the organization became the first year-round local food source in the Grand Rapids area and only the second online farmers market in the nation. Five years later, the Co-op is celebrating its anniversary and continued growth with a promotion for new members.

Celebrating Michigan’s Grapes


Most of my readers know that I love Michigan grapes in liquid form. (In fact, I had a whole month of wine trivia during Michigan wine month!) But there are many other ways to enjoy this fall treat.

Koetsier’s is for Kids on Kent Harvest Trails!

indoor play area (2)

When Wendy asked me to write about a kid-oriented place along Kent Harvest Trails for Eat Local! West Michigan, I immediately thought of Koetsier’s Greenhouse. They are one of the only places along the Kent Harvest Trails that is mostly indoors and geared toward the younger set (ages 10 and under.) This is the place to go on Fridays or Saturdays through the end of October, Rain or Shine!

Pears: A Favorite Autumn Treat

red apple cut in sections and yellow ripe pear isolated on white

I’ve often thought that pears get the shaft. When people think fall, they think apples. Nothing’s as American as apple pie. And no one goes to the fair to get caramel pears. So let’s raise a glass of perry to celebrate the under-appreciated fruit.

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