News You Can Taste: Weekly Roundup 8/27/2012


A little lighter week on the food news front as summer winds down and the fall season isn’t quite into full swing.

Take the Eat Local Challenge!


I’m so excited to be partnering with Local First on the Eat Local Challenge again this year! It’s a great way to learn more about eating local food. The first event is the 10×10 pledge.

Celebrating Michigan’s Grapes


Most of my readers know that I love Michigan grapes in liquid form. (In fact, I had a whole month of wine trivia during Michigan wine month!) But there are many other ways to enjoy this fall treat.

It’s Tomato Time!

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Celebrate tomatoes! Here’s what you need to know to savor them all year round.

There’s Nothing as Sweet as Local Honey

Wooden honey dipper coated in delicious honey

This week’s Eat Local Challenge from Local First is to explore local honey. Those who have tried raw, local honey will never buy the bear again! But where to find it?

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