Pears: A Favorite Autumn Treat

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I’ve often thought that pears get the shaft. When people think fall, they think apples. Nothing’s as American as apple pie. And no one goes to the fair to get caramel pears. So let’s raise a glass of perry to celebrate the under-appreciated fruit.

This weekend is the Great Lakes Cider and Perry Festivalin St. John’s - head on over to taste some delicious fermented beverage made of pear.

Another uniquely Michigan way to celebrate the pear is to try Black Star Farm’s Pear Brandy which features a pear in a bottle.

In Spring, a bottle is tied over a budding branch in the pear orchard with hopes that a Bartlett pear will grow to maturity inside the bottle. The pear is harvested, cleaned and washed, and the bottle is then filled with pear brandy from the same orchard and hand labeled in this special limited presentation.

This “pear in the bottle” is a true collector’s item and can be prominently displayed. The pear becomes calcified over time, and is not consumed. As the bottle is emptied but while the pear is still covered with brandy, simply purchase a bottle of Spirit of Pear and refill the “pear in the bottle” for many years of enjoyment. Price: $74.50, 750 ml. 80 Proof.

Looking for a non-alcoholic celebration? Try these pear recipes from The Local Cook:

What’s your favorite way to enjoy pears?

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