Set Sail with the Traverse Tall Ship Co.

What’s better than a Caribbean vacation that costs an arm and a leg? A cruise on the Tall Ship Manitou featuring Michigan ice cream, wine, or beer, that’s what!

Take a long weekend to experience one of these themed cruises:

  • Moomers Ice Cream Sails! (June 20 thru September 2)
    $40 per adult, $20 per child
    Monday and Friday afternoons (3-5 p.m. sail) bring the whole family out for a glorious sail on the bay and the best ice cream in northern Michigan…Moomers!  VOTED #1 SCOOP OF ICE CREAM IN AMERICA ON “GOOD MORNING AMERICA!”  We’ll sample five flavors, including our very own “Tall Ship Manitou.”
  • Microbrew Tasting Cruise (June 26 thru Sept. 4)

$50 per person
Sunday evenings have just become a bit more exciting with samplings of local beer from Shorts Brewing Company and pizza from Crusted Creations during your evening sail.

  • Wine Tasting Cruises (June 28 thru September 1)

$60 per person
In July and August you can sample a medley of local wines and enjoy specially catered cuisine as we ply the sparkling waters of Grand Traverse Bay.  Tuesday nights feature Leelanau Cellars, while Thursdays we will taste the offerings of Left Foot Charley.

For more information check out their website at I really hope I can find time to do one of these this summer!

On a side note . . .

I know it’s the wrong lake, but I would LOVE to someday see a cruise between Muskegon and Milwaukee that features both Michigan and Wisconsin craft beer. Who’s with me?



  1. Zebe says:

    Why do you say it is the wrong lake? Lake MI is THE Lake.

    I wish they had the ice cream cruise on a Saturday. I’d love to get that for my dad, but he couldn’t get up there early enough to do Friday.


    wendy Reply:

    @Zebe, I meant the wrong lake for this particular ship ;-) I agree, it would be awesome if they offered the ice cream cruise on Saturday early afternoons.


    Zebe Reply:

    Gotcha. I sort of wondered if that’s what you meant, but I know people who seem to think other Great Lakes are the greatest, and I just have to make my allegiance known. :-)


  2. If boats didn’t make me sick, I’d totally be with you ;)


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