10 Ways to Enjoy Michigan Apples


© Annie Su Yee Yek | Dreamstime.com

This week’s Eat Local Challenge encourages us to seek out local apples. In West Michigan this is not hard to do! There are so many ways to enjoy this ubiquitous fruit. Here are my top 10 suggestions:

  1. Drink Michigan hard cider.
  2. Make your own hard cider.
  3. Go apple picking. (Check out the Kent Harvest Trails. You can even get a peck for free from Fruit Ridge Hayrides with this exclusive coupon).
  4. Make apple butter.
  5. Eat them with this homemade honey caramel apple dip.
  6. Preserve them for later (here are 5 ways).
  7. Make apple grunt.
  8. Make apple cinnamon pancakes.
  9. Make apple pie.
  10. Check out even more  apple recipes from The Local Cook.
What’s your favorite way to enjoy Michigan apples?

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