4H Project Goes Haywire; Results in Goat Cheese

Country Winds Goat Shares

When John & Mary Windemuller’s daughters chose to raise three goats as a 4H project in 1997, they never dreamed it would come to this. Country Winds Goat Shares now has several goat share members, and they are planning to open a creamery in 2012.

Goat shares are similar to cow shares-basically you buy a “share” of a goat, and then you get a share of their raw milk. Mary loves to sing the praises of goat milk.

“It’s less allergenic than cows’ milk,” she says. “It’s also naturally homogenized and easier to digest.”

Mary and John are also quick to point out their safety standards, sanitation practices, and describe how their goats are pastured and fed organically raised alfalfa. When I visited their farm, they were more than happy to explain how and why they do things.

“It’s our hope that after a visit, people can make better informed decisions, whether or not they choose to  purchase a goat share through us,” said Mary.

So what does goat milk taste like? John and Mary were kind enough to give me a taste test. The milk reminds me very much of the raw cow’s milk that I normally use. She also let me taste kefir, caramel, ice cream, and cheese-all very delicious products made from the goat milk! I’ve discovered that’s one of the great things about being part of CSAs and herd shares-all the extra knowledge  that one is able to obtain.

While their creamery won’t be ready until early next year, goat milk shares are currently available. Visit their website for more information.

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