Kalamazoo House Bed & Breakfast Offers NovemBeer Crawl Package


Culinary tourism is on the rise, and the Kalamazoo House Bed & Breakfast is offering a NovemBeer Crawl Package in November.
Kalamazoo House B&B is within walking distance of

Join the “Enthusiast” Program to Gain Access to FREE Fall Brewery Tours


Recently, I received a press release describing lots of cool FREE brewery tours for this fall. The catch? You have to be a member of Michigan Brewers Guild “Enthusiast” program. Luckily memberships are only $35. What’s in store if you join?

Yes, There Really Is A Beer Week in Kalamazoo!


I spent my high school years in Kalamazoo, so I was excited to see that they have a beer week coming up! And, given the lack of events going on around Grand Rapids in the near future, I think it might just be time to make the trek down south.