Spice makes everything nice (at Pal’s Indian Cuisine).


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mari and I was invited by Wendy to begin writing some vegetarian posts for Eat Local, West Michigan. A truly exciting prospect! This year I was thrilled to celebrate my 20th vegetarian anniversary in a little party with some close friends (we ate Thai food). I’m excited [...]

Public: A New Restaurant in Zeeland


For those who think Eastown gets all the good restaurants, I encourage you to give Public in Zeeland a try.

Grove {Restaurant Review}

Grove has been on my list of restaurants to try for a long time. So when Restaurant Week GR came along, it was moved to the top.

Vander Mill Cider: Now Serving Local Food!

Vander Mill

You wouldn’t expect fine dining amid apple trains and candlesticks, but Vander Mill Cider’s commitment to local food comes through loud and clear in a limited but gourmet quality menu.

Wolfgang’s: Get the Meat Sweats for Breakfast {Restaurant Review}

"Cooper" $7.77 A skillet of seasoned redskin potatoes, onion, green peppers, bacon, turkey and cheddar cheese topped with three over-easy eggs and hollandaise and served with your choice of toast.

Last Sunday, the husband and I wanted to go somewhere different for breakfast. “Have we been to Wolfgang’s?” I asked. I’d heard about it but couldn’t quite remember where it was. “Yes,” he said. “We haven’t been there in awhile. Let’s go! They have a lot of meat. It’s like the opposite of Gaia’s.”

six.one.six {Restaurant Review}

View from the jdek

About a month ago I had lunch at six.one.six as part of a culinary tour of West Michigan. Six.one.six is one of those restaurants that is known locally as being locally-sourced and seasonal, so it’s surprising that it’s taken me this long to try it out.

Electric Cheetah {Review}


I have been to the Electric Cheetah a few times, but Troy has never been. So when we wanted to try somewhere new for dinner, preferably one which had a coupon in one of those Local First coupon books (we’re a wee bit on the cheap side), I suggested the Cheetah.

Ramona’s Table {Review}


I feel as though I’m the last person to find out about Groupon, which is a daily deal with 50-90% off (you can find out more by clicking on the affiliate link at the end of this article). Groupon, where have you been all my life? Recently they had a Groupon for Ramona’s Table, and [...]

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