Public: A New Restaurant in Zeeland

For those who think Eastown gets all the good restaurants, I encourage you to give Public in Zeeland a try.

Last weekend my husband and I headed out to Public. We were told there would be a 45 minute wait, so we sat down at the bar and had some of the most delicious mixed drinks I’ve had in awhile.

rosemary-pear mojito and gin & ginger

Much to our surprise, we were seated at a table 15 minutes later. The ambiance was clean and fun, perfect for all ages.

The waiters and waitresses were attentive without being annoying, and we were specially pleased that the waitress really knew her beer (as opposed to most waitstaff we come across who only know the Bud/Miller/Coors on tap). They do not have beer on tap yet, but hope to get it in soon.

The food, while reasonably priced, was actually quite good-as one might expect from chef/owner Lucas Grill, who has a history with with stops at Mobile Five Diamond restaurant’s Tru & The 1913 Room, Forbes Four Star restaurant’s Bourbon Steak & Saltwater, and the critically acclaimed Robert’s Restaurants Group.

It was imaginative but  not too out there for your average Joe, which I think is the point.

Our Mission at Public is simple: deliver amazing comfort food in a stunning atmosphere, provide memorable service, and give back to the surrounding community while maintaining one constant; we love what we do.


BLT Deviled Eggs

We had BLT Deviled Eggs and avocado egg rolls for our appetizers, and both my husband and I had pasta  main dishes. Everything was excellent and you could tell it was made on site.

Pasta with bacon and peas

The album cover menus and fun brochure ticket holders added a bit of whimsy (and, according to Grill, a cost savings). We were very happy with the whole experience, from customer service to food to cost.

For those on the west side, it’s a great alternative to braving the construction downtown. For those downtown, I suggest taking a little road trip. It’s that good!

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