Pavilion Wharf Bar & Grille {Restaurant Review}


Saturday was one of those lazy weekends where DH and I decided to head over to Odd Side Ales. On the way we realized we hadn’t eaten lunch yet so we decided to find a place near the pub. We ended up visiting the Pavilion Wharf Bar & Grille.

Where’s the best pizza in Grand Rapids?

Photo from Jet's Pizza

Recently an editor from Slice contacted me and asked for advice on what the best pizza is in Grand Rapids. My standby is Jet 10 (love the 8 sides!), but when we had our wedding rehearsal dinner we served Bridge Street Pizza (back when there was a previous owner). So what did I tell him?

Olive’s Redeems Itself


A couple of months ago, I decided to try Olive’s with a Groupon. While the food was excellent, the service was terrible. No water, long stretches of time in between seeing our waiter, and it was 45 minutes from the time he took our credit card and the time we got it back. No apologies, no nothing. Read about what happened when we gave them another try . . .

25 Kitchen + Bar {Review]


25 Kitchen + Bar has been on my list of restaurants to visit for awhile now. They are quite active on Twitter and I wanted to k now what the fuss was about. Bonus, I was able to try them out using coupons!

Electric Cheetah {Review}


I have been to the Electric Cheetah a few times, but Troy has never been. So when we wanted to try somewhere new for dinner, preferably one which had a coupon in one of those Local First coupon books (we’re a wee bit on the cheap side), I suggested the Cheetah.

Wealthy Street Bakery {Review}


Wealthy Street Bakery is one of those favorite Grand Rapids standbys. Even before eating local was trendy, everyone knew that they had THE BEST cinnamon rolls. Whenever someone wanted to bring an extra-special treat into the office they would head over to Wealthy Street.

Ramona’s Table {Review}


I feel as though I’m the last person to find out about Groupon, which is a daily deal with 50-90% off (you can find out more by clicking on the affiliate link at the end of this article). Groupon, where have you been all my life? Recently they had a Groupon for Ramona’s Table, and

Little Africa


by BB My kids very well may have been born on the wrong continent entirely.  A.P. especially is currently fascinated with all things Africa. It’s a big continent, so it may take us a while to satisfy his curiosity. My husband and I have even gotten into it, and had a discussion about taking a safari

A Great Day at Bombay


by BB I have issues.  Now would be a good time to illuminate one of them.  A big issue for me is a comment I hear frequently, “There is no diversity in Grand Rapids”.  I refuse to buy into this, and one way I can fight this misconception is by raising two children who really

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