Culinary Tourism on the Rise in Michigan

When my husband and I got married nearly five years ago, we chose to not spend our honeymoon somewhere warm, or tropical, or even very far away. We decided to drive up to Black Star Farms and spend the week enjoying the scenery and libations of Leelenau Peninsula and Old Mission Peninsula.

We spent our days (and a lot of our wedding gift money) at the various wineries, our trunk looking like a rum runner’s by the end of the week. Even now, we try to get back at least once a year to do a tour de Traverse City.

Apparently we’re not the only ones who appreciate what Michigan has to offer-there is a new Culinary Tourism Conference that will be held at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center in East Lansing on January 10. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about the wine country of Michigan, check out

Do you have a favorite culinary vacation spot?


  1. Carl Kosko says:

    Hey there,

    Yes I do have a favorite Culinary Spot. Right here in Lancaster County PA. We have been driving the band wagon for quite a few years now with our culinary demos and tours at our bed and breakfast. However over the past years, we have found that the locals have come to realize what a treasure trove in epicurean they have right here in there back yard.

    You see, we are where the food grows. We grow it, maintain it, harvest it, milk it, churn it, turn it into cheese, pickle it, brew it and make wine out of it, right here in Lancaster. There are a crazy number of restaurants which are popping up all over the place… great upscale restaurants to boot. And the connection to our land, our great produce and so on is for sure not over looked with a dizzying array of farmers market, road side stands and so on. The Buy Fresh Buy Local is not a movement here… it has been going on for eons.

    I’ll hop off my horse now, just excited to see that someone else has a strong passion for culinary out there. I know there are many, I just want to connect with them all.



  2. wendy says:

    @Carl Kosko, that’s awesome! I will definitely look you up if we travel out your way. I love finding local places when I travel, it’s just more challenging to find them.


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