Try Your Hand at Soap Making!

Award-winning dairy goat breeder and local homesteader Marge Perrin may have started raising goats for practical reasons, but has since found her niche—and many, many uses for goat’s milk.

Goat’s milk soap is one of Perrin’s latest passions. She says she uses her homemade goat’s milk soap exclusively and appreciates its many benefits. “Working with animals, I’m always, always washing my hands,” she says. “I used to have such cracking problems with the soaps I was using—especially in the winter.

“I don’t have any cracking anymore. I don’t even have to use hand lotion.” She says she has one recipe in particular she loves, but doesn’t know if it’s the buttermilk or the oils that keep her hands so soft.

Marge Perrin will be conducting a hands-on goat’s milk soapmaking workshop Dec. 3-5 at Circle Pines Center, which is located about 25 miles southeast of Grand Rapids. During the two-day event, participants will learn the basics of cold-process soapmaking, as well as the properties and benefits of the different oils, butters, extracts and additives. Each participant will take home several soap samples in addition to recipes and instructions. Tuition includes two nights’ lodging, five delicious meals, small-group instruction and materials. For more information, go to or call

(269) 623-5555 to register.

(Information courtesy of Circle Pines Center)

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