West Michigan Weekly Foodie Roundup: Is October Really Almost Over? Edition

It’s been awhile since I did a weekly roundup, but boy, things sure are hopping in West Michigan! Here’s just a sampling of all the tasty news:

Michigan Made Harvest Beers Highlight Fall Season

The Michigan Beer Guild recently sent me a list of the new harvest beers from our fine state; I edited the list to highlight West “ish” Michigan offerings-check ‘em out!

From the Kent Harvest Trails: Heffron Farms Exclusive Coupon!

Another offer from the Kent Harvest Trails! This one from Heffron Farms. Visit their Belding store and receive:

4H Project Goes Haywire; Results in Goat Cheese

When John & Mary Windemuller’s daughters chose to raise 3 goats as a 4H project in 1997, they never dreamed it would come to this. Country Winds Goat Shares now has several members, and they are planning to open a creamery in 2012.

Fork Fest Celebrates Farm and Table

Seitsema Orchards offers apple tasting

Last Wednesday, Local First’s Eat Local Challenge culminated in Fork Fest at Romence Gardens. It was a celebration of all things local food.

10 Ways to Enjoy Michigan Apples

© Annie Su Yee Yek | Dreamstime.com

This week’s Eat Local Challenge encourages us to seek out local apples. In West Michigan this is not hard to do! There are so many ways to enjoy this ubiquitous fruit. Here are my top 10 suggestions:

Eating Local: Meat

© Brian Dunne | Dreamstime.com

Vegetables are the gateway to eating locally. After all, it doesn’t take much effort to head to the farmer’s market. There are lots of them around, and buying tomatoes and peppers is pretty straightforward, and fairly inexpensive. Meat, on the other hand, takes another level of commitment.

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