Wealthy Street Bakery {Review}


Wealthy Street Bakery is one of those favorite Grand Rapids standbys. Even before eating local was trendy, everyone knew that they had THE BEST cinnamon rolls. Whenever someone wanted to bring an extra-special treat into the office they would head over to Wealthy Street.

Need a place to call home? Consider the Franklin Farm!


The Franklin Farm is seeking a new farmer to live in apartment B. If you love local, food, you’ll fit right in!

Dine Out for Farms!


American Farmland Trust’s inaugural Dine Out for Farms™ is a national, week?long event that will bring together restaurants and consumers to support a sustainable future for America’s farms. By dining out, you are supporting efforts to help local and regional farms. From October 10-16, participating restaurants will raise funds and awareness for programs that support farms and help save the land that sustains us.

What the Cluck? Where to find local (non-recalled) eggs in West Michigan


If the latest recalls make you squirm and conjure up images of dead chickens from Food Inc, never fear! There are lots of farmers in West Michigan who produce safe, organic eggs from humanely treated chickens. Now more than ever it’s quite obvious that for one’s own safety, it’s important to find a farmer you […]

Ramona’s Table {Review}


I feel as though I’m the last person to find out about Groupon, which is a daily deal with 50-90% off (you can find out more by clicking on the affiliate link at the end of this article). Groupon, where have you been all my life? Recently they had a Groupon for Ramona’s Table, and […]

Help Fulton Street Farmer’s Market Be America’s Favorite Farmers Market!


You might have seen this on FaceBook and Twitter - Fulton Street is #1 in Michigan, but can we crack the national boards? American Farmland Trust’s America’s Favorite Farmers Markets™ contest has kicked into gear and we need your votes to win! The process is simple.  To vote for our market, all you have to […]

Underground Bakery No Longer Illegal


Recently posted on The Underground Bakery’s FaceBook page: “The Underground Bakery is now LEGAL… kinda takes some of the fun out of it, but this is definitely a good thing. To those of you who didn’t know that you were participating in an illegal transaction… um, sorry???” The Underground Bakery is just one of the […]

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