Where’s the best pizza in Grand Rapids?

Photo from Jet's Pizza

Recently an editor from Slice contacted me and asked for advice on what the best pizza is in Grand Rapids. My standby is Jet 10 (love the 8 sides!), but when we had our wedding rehearsal dinner we served Bridge Street Pizza (back when there was a previous owner). So what did I tell him?

I decided to poll some of my online friends, of course!

Here’s what the survey had to say:

Peppinos and Vitale’s got the most votes, but there were so many great suggestions!

“I hate to say it but, Frankie V’s.  Their (dine-in) service is usually terrible, but they have the best pizza I’ve ever eaten.  The combination of crust, sauce, and the fact that they make sure the cheese is brown and bubbly, is just amazing.  Nom.” — TheWop

“Our top 3: Mr. Pizza, Peppinos and Brickroad (I really like the crust options and turkey pepperoni)” — Hoektastic

“I really love Jet’s but it has to be the square pizza.  I also really like the wood-fired pizza’s at the Gilmore Collection restaurants.” — GoodGollie

“Vitalies. Jett’s. BC Pizza (whole wheat crust and GF crust). Georgio’s (holy selection Batman )” — Deeder522

“Peppinos, Big Bobs, and if we are in the mood for stuffed pizza: Joe Chicagos. Yum.”–MrsHDM

“Hands down, Monelli’s!!  But it’s a drive, so we rarely get our pizza from there :(“–Lara05

So what’s YOUR favorite?


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  2. Marn E Walkers on rememberance road in walkers (just across the street from walker city hall)…check it out! All hand tossed dough, not a rolling pin on the premis. A thee day slow rise sourdough crust, fired in a woodstone hearth oven. Specialty pies, and pies by request, including pesto pies, the classic water buffalo milk cheese margarita, an authentic naples style bianca, and a greek pie loaded with calamata olives, pepperoncinni, and fetta cheese that is without compare. Most of all, an all pro crew that sees pie as a labor of love, not a “production unit”. See for yourself!

  3. The best pizza has to be the old MONELLI’S Pizza in byron center. New owners and a name change to GOODFELLOWS PIZZA but they still make the same great pies.

  4. Monelli’s/Goodfellows is crap. I personally know many of the people that work there,and used to like the pizza, but after about 3 times eating it, it gets old fast. I’ve been in the back many times and know how low their sanitation standards are. Granted, I havn’t been back there since being under new ownership. But It’s mostly all the same people working there, and I doubt they will change much in their ways. Just my two cents though.

  5. An enthusiastic thumbs up for my two favorite pizza places in GR: Nantucket Baking Co. and Wealthy Street Bakery! Both are absolutely delicious and truly local. Nantucket has an especially tempting variety of toppings and is open until midnight; Wealthy Street’s crust is the best I’ve ever tasted. They’re reasonably priced, too—both start their “create your own” pizzas around $8, and go up from there for toppings-loaded specialty pizzas. Definitely worth checking out. :)