Food Trucks I’d Love to See in Grand Rapids

While waiting for the food truck debate to go before the Grand Rapids City Commission on June 12, I have spent some time dreaming about possible new food trucks.

My husband and I love going out to eat at sit down restaurants; we really do. As DINKs (dual income no kids) we go out to eat quite a bit, in fact. But sometimes, the restaurants are crowded or we’re in a hurry and it would be nice to have an option other than the drive through (yes, I admit it!)

I think it’s ridiculous that established restaurants see the trucks as unfair competition. To me, it’s a completely different market. If I’m out at the farmer’s market I LOVE being able to grab a bite at The Silver Spork, What the Truck, or Standard Pizza Co. But if my husband and I want a leisurely breakfast, we’re going to head off to Gaia’s where we can sit and talk in peace (once we wait in line for a seat).

Here are some ideas, in no particular order, of food trucks that I would LOVE to see in Grand Rapids should the food truck debate be put to rest and we are able to become a foodie destination.

HopCat Crack Fry Cart. Seriously, what could be better than grabbing some crack fries on your way to an event downtown or on your way to the parking lot after the bar? Sure beats running for the border!

Sandmann’s BBQ Station. It seems like a food truck would be the perfect vehicle for resurrection. Maybe it could be like Willie Nelson’s IRS tapes. When I was in San Francisco for a food blog conference a couple of years ago there were some seriously awesome BBQ trucks with built in rotisseries and smokers. Kickstarter project anyone?

The Two Buck Vegan Taco Truck. If you haven’t had the tacos from Bartertown, you must. They change daily and are delicious even if you are a carnivore.

Yesterdog on Wheels. In the interest of full disclosure, I should say that I have never actually been to Yesterdog. But I would definitely try it if I came across a food truck at a park!

Moo-ville Mobile. Local ice cream, you can’t get better than that!

The Mangled Duck. Twisted Rooster’s most popular appetizers and, of course, mac and cheese of various flavors.

Who knows if any of these will become reality? I surely hope so, but I’m sure there are even better ideas out there.

What would your dream food truck for Grand Rapids be?

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