Where Can I Find You Pick Farms in West Michigan?

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Whether you’re looking for a bargain or just something fun to do with the kids, you pick farms are a summertime tradition. Where does one start to look?

West Michigan Microbrewery List


Know what I dislike about most listings? There’s no way to add your own comments. To warn others about potentially skunky beer, or to advise people to definitely get the sandwiches at Founders. Which is why I’ve decided to go with Listly for my new resource directory (the old plugin crashed, ugh). Please vote for […]

Traveling This Summer? Here are Some Restaurant Recommendations!

Local Restaurants Blog Hop

  Last week I shared my favorite places to eat in West Michigan. If you are traveling, you might want to check out some of the following bloggers’ recommendations: Eastern US Tampa, Florida - I Run for Wine Annapolis, Maryland - Maryland Momma’s Rambles Framingham, Massachusetts - 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires Orleans County, New […]

My Favorite Places to Eat in West Michigan

Restaurants Blog Hop

When people hear that I’m a food blogger, they always ask me, “What’s your favorite restaurant?” I have to say that is totally depends on the situation! Seriously, there are SO many great restaurants in West Michigan. And, of course, it is all very subjective. Nevertheless, here are my top picks. Feel free to disagree or add YOUR favorites in the comments!

Fennville: An Excellent Staycation Destination


Why should you add Salt of the Earth to your summer travel plans? Here are 10 reasons which are meant to entice you to explore (or revisit) this quaint foodie hotspot in Fennville.

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