Celebrate Spring at the West Michigan Home & Garden Show


If you can’t afford to get away somewhere warm, consider attending the Home & Garden Show. I love to take a day to stop and smell the flowers - and dream about gardening (and spring) to come.

Didn’t get a ticket to the winter brewfest? Here are some alternatives.

I know, the winter brewfest is sold out. Has been for months. Unless you want to pay through the nose for a ticket from some guy on Craigslist, take it as a lesson learned for next year and buy them as soon as they go on sale. But there’s no need for tears in your beer, there are plenty of other opportunities to sample local brew. And if you’re REALLY a glutton for punishment, you can hit up these events PLUS the winter fest. Just be sure to call a cab, mmmkay?

Pavilion Wharf Bar & Grille {Restaurant Review}


Saturday was one of those lazy weekends where DH and I decided to head over to Odd Side Ales. On the way we realized we hadn’t eaten lunch yet so we decided to find a place near the pub. We ended up visiting the Pavilion Wharf Bar & Grille.

Making Michigan: Our Kitchen Table


Today, instead of highlighting a local business or product, I’m highlighting an organization. Therefore I’m calling it “Making Michigan” instead of “Made In Michigan.” It’s organizations like these that are helping to build up our community and ensure access to local food for everyone.

Where’s the best pizza in Grand Rapids?

Photo from Jet's Pizza

Recently an editor from Slice contacted me and asked for advice on what the best pizza is in Grand Rapids. My standby is Jet 10 (love the 8 sides!), but when we had our wedding rehearsal dinner we served Bridge Street Pizza (back when there was a previous owner). So what did I tell him?

Time for a BrewSki - Head to Boyne!


Who needs to jet off somewhere warm when there are all these great getaways right here in Michigan? That’s what hot tub packages are for. Craft beer lovers and ski bunnies alike will love the 2nd Annual Brew-Ski Festival on Saturday, March 12.

5 West Michigan Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Looking for Valentine’s Day gifts other than beer? Amy Ruis from Art of the Table has these local suggestions:

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

I apologize for yet another beer post. But I was just thinking, “hmm, what should I get my beer-loving husband for Valentine’s Day?” And coincidentally, I received this article in my inbox from the Michigan Brewer’s Guild.

Are you ready for the 6th Annual Michigan Winter Beer Festival?

No doubt about it, the Winter Beer Festival is growing in popularity each year. (Is it any wonder, with the great beer that we produce here in West Michigan?)

Random Thoughts & Weekly Roundup {1/29-2/4}

Everybody surviving the blizzard of 2011? While it may be cold outside, the foodie scene in West Michigan is definitely heating up!

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