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"After" - look how neatly it's cut up!

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to attend a Nourishing Ways of West Michigan meeting, and was really looking forward to learning how to whack up a chicken.

It was advertised as: Don’t be Chicken about a Whole Pastured Chicken. How to prep. a chicken from your local farmer- butterfly the meat, braise and stew tough parts, make stock, and enjoy recipes such as cordon blue, a roux sauce and more! Chef Jana Deppe Real Food activist with Tilling to Table

Kelly the Kitchen Kop ( introduces the topic

Our fearless chefs

Savvy Chic Savings and I sat near each other, and did learn something despite not being able to see super well (the room was PACKED, must be lots of people want to learn chicken-whacking!). Neither one of us is confident that we could duplicate Chef Deppe’s skill, so we are hoping for a one-on-one session in the near future.

Admittedly, I was a bit nervous about attending the meeting. While I do agree with many of the principles espoused by Weston Price, I’m not hardcore. I don’t grind my own flour or soak my grains. I needn’t have worried, it was a friendly bunch.

If you are interested in learning new kitchen skills, check out some of the upcoming workshops:

Feb. 15  Grow your own Salad
Tips on kitchen gardens, mineral rich soil, and growing nutrient dense food.
Katie Brandt Groundswell Farm

Mar. 15 Nourishing Our Children
A dynamic presentation to parent groups that explains why many traditional foods now considered unhealthy are, in fact, vital to the growth and intellectual development of our children.
Donielle Baker

Apr. 19 Real Food for Autism: Learn What’s Missing from Gluten Free Diets
Dan Corrigan

May 17 Stress and your Health
The deep connection between our emotional well being and our health.
Micah McLaughlin of Continuum Healing

June 21 Condiment Class
Learn how to replace the corn syrup and unknown ‘spices’ in your ketchup, mayonnaise, etc.
Laurie Tanis

All are free, but there is a donation box and you WILL want to arrive early.

For more information visit the Nourishing Ways website.


  1. I heart watching chicken whacking. Whether or not I enjoy doing it myself remains to be seen. ; So glad we could go together!


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