On Marketing a New Restaurant

Please note: This was originally published on West Michigan Business Blog. Reprinted with the author’s permission. I like restaurants, I like frequenting the local ones, the nots….not-national, not-franchised, etc. It is great when new restaurants opens up, and I get quite excited to try out the place. Unfortunately, many of these restaurants end up closing […]

thankful for my farmers

By Holly a recent conversation with a dear old friend of mine who is a farmer in my home state of iowa has brought me a renewed sense of understanding just how much opportunity i have here in michigan to eat healthy, local, free range, ethical… the list goes on.  and i get to do […]

foraging adventures


yesterday, on a hot sunday afternoon surrounded by the lame attempt at skyscrapers that grace my fair city, we picked berries. it turns out that downtown grand rapids, along the grand river, is a forager’s dream. but let me back up first, since i have discovered that many folks don’t know what i mean when […]

Little Africa


by BB My kids very well may have been born on the wrong continent entirely.  A.P. especially is currently fascinated with all things Africa. It’s a big continent, so it may take us a while to satisfy his curiosity. My husband and I have even gotten into it, and had a discussion about taking a safari […]

A Great Day at Bombay


by BB I have issues.  Now would be a good time to illuminate one of them.  A big issue for me is a comment I hear frequently, “There is no diversity in Grand Rapids”.  I refuse to buy into this, and one way I can fight this misconception is by raising two children who really […]

An Interview with Betsy Meereman


by Wendy Hammond Betsy Meereman is part of Grassfields Cheese, a 5th generation family farm in Coopersville, Michigan. In order to appreciate their approach to farming, you should know a little bit about factory farming, or CAFOs. You can visit the Food & Water Watch website to learn more. What’s the alternative? Let’s hear from […]

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