Best Fitness Activities In West Michigan

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West Michigan is sure known for its breathtaking beaches, sand dunes, lighthouse, parks, and museums. Overall, West Michigan has great outdoors. This could only mean one thing for fitness enthusiasts – exercising outdoors.

Whether you’re living in the state or simply here for a vacation, you can grab the opportunity to take a break from your daily at-home exercise regime. Go out, and try some fun outdoor fitness activities that West Michigan has to offer! Besides your regular running and jogging, you’ll be blown by the number of fitness activities to do in West Michigan. Below, we’ve mentioned some of the most enjoyable ones!

Visit the beach:

Working out at the beach is a great way of burning calories. Did you know? You can burn up to 800 calories by simply walking or running around the beach. That’s because walking on sandy terrain is a challenge in itself. It challenges your balance and engages more muscles.

Besides, bringing your usual exercise routine to the beach can also be a fun and refreshing experience. What’s better than performing some high-intensity moves amidst nature while you soak up the sun!

Personal Training Sessions 

Having your personal trainer sessions at home or on the Beach is the perfect mix. Run on the sand or as you progress sprints. Body weight exercises are fantastic to incorporate into your routine while your Personal Trainer motivates you with the sun on your back.


Paddleboarding is the perfect way to excite the adventurous side in you. From strengthening all your muscle groups to strengthening your core to building up cardiovascular endurance, paddleboarding can make you sweat as any HIIT session will. Besides, it also improves overall body balance and reduces stress.

Visit the Division Street in the Grand Rapids area:

When was the last time you ditched the lift for the stairs? Taking the stairs to climb your way to the top can be a great workout. If you’re up for it, you can visit any local school stadium in West Michigan. Trust us! You’ll burn more calories than a morning jogging session. Plus, climbing stairs is a great way to tone your lower-body muscles too.

Division Street in Grand Rapids is a popular workout spot among fitness freaks. You can head on there to do some cardio. And along the way, you will be surprised to see many fellow climbers working their way up to the top.

Play Frisbee:

Nothing can be more fun than playing a game of frisbee with your friends and family. You can hit the nearest park, beach or simply play in your backyard. The game allows you to work your arms and shoulders and improves eye-hand coordination.

What’s more, a competitive game of frisbee will raise your heart rate up, making it hard for you to catch your breath!

Yoga in the park:

Do you love yoga as much as we do? Join one of the free yoga classes that take place in most local parks in West Michigan. Stretching your muscles and meditating amidst nature is a great way to rejuvenate yourself from within.

More Fitness Options in West Michigan?

Check out some of these fun fitness classes you can be part of:


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