Best Drinks Made in Michigan

Best Drinks

Many states and cities have established a drink royalty with various additions to the long menu of options. People like to try out these new creations for the different tastes they bring to the table. Michigan is one state that has several iconic brands such as Vernors and Faygo. Every city in this state has a variety of foods to offer, and those form the perfect meals for the day. You will get to taste a different take on the same dish down west, while the south may have something new to offer on the platter. The menu of this cuisine comes with an eclectic range of choices.

Several drinks will side well with these dishes, along with the starters and other add-ons. Plenty of options are available to imbibe in the Mitten. No matter what you are looking for at a restaurant, Michigan has some of the best classic pop cans, craft beer, cocktails, and other beverages to sweeten the mood. You get to choose from all these options to even sip on it as a dessert. Let us look at the best drinks made in Michigan.


Specialty Slurpee

Specialty Slurpee

Head out to anywhere outside of Michigan to get this special version of Faygo Red Pop Slurpee. Dallas-based 7-Eleven and Detroit-based Faygo combine to bring the Faygo Redpop to the Slurpee lineup. This childhood-favorite soda makes for one of the best drinks in the state.

Vernors and Faygo

These are the favorites of Michigan, and they are the fizzy drinks that make you go for more of that chilling mood. Faygo comes in an array of flavors, and it is also a rival of the Vernors. However, it is Vernors that is considered Michigan’s specialty beverage that puts ginger ale to the sweet end of your taste buds. All grocery shelves in the country have ginger ale, and the first product to be launched was Vernors. Although it has a better position in the market than Faygo, they both are on the top.

Boston Cooler

Boston Cooler

Anyone who is not from Michigan or Boston might think this drink is from Boston. The name might suggest so, but the flavor is of southeast Michigan. It is not a float but a beverage that combines the soda-pop and ginger ale in some vanilla ice cream. The Boston Cooler is a perfect blend of spice and cream.


This is another cocktail that mixes booze, vanilla ice cream, and Kahlua. Hummer was invented in 1967 in Michigan as a great cooler for the generation.

The Last Word

In recent years, The Last Word has been witnessing a resurgence all over the country. It mixes multiple drinks to offer you a surprise with the new additions to the beverage. Although it was invented at the Detroit Athletic Club in the 1920s, Michigan’s love for coolers and beverages made it popular over the decades.

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