6 Signature Food of Michigan Cities

Signature Food

Every country has its own favorite cuisine, and the dishes served in the different cities might come with contrastingly varying flavors. Michigan is no different in this aspect; the food served in this state has a unique touch to it in terms of the spices oozing out of the dishes. All the cities in Michigan have their own unique identity, and the food offered also has interesting toppings and fillings that will make you fall in love with the state. Some dishes are never to be missed when you are in a certain part of the world; those flavors must be savored at least once in life. Michigan also has a few signature dishes that shouldn’t be missed at any cost. Here are some of those mouth-watering foods that will set your stomach growling.

Signature Food

1. Battle Creek

Cereal has a special place in the hearts of the people of Michigan. Kellogg’s brought a whole new wave to this food item. Battle Creek is the specialty of Michigan, and it is also known as Cereal City. In the last decade, the city also hosted several versions of Kellogg’s Cereal City USA. Although this festival isn’t a part of this city anymore, cereal still flows through the offerings of Battle Creek.

2. Coney Dog

The Detroit-style Coney dog is a hot dog topped with a beef heart chili sauce, raw onions, and mustard. It is the favorite food of many people in Detroit, and Lafayette Coney Island and American Coney are the two best stores that serve Coney dog at its best in Detroit. The version available in Flint is also quite popular, with the onions, mustard, and the drier chili being its highlights.

3. Chicken in Frankenmuth

One of the biggest hotspots for Michigan tourism is Frankenmuth, and it serves the best chicken in the country. The German-style fried chicken is focused on at the restaurants such as the Zehnder’s and Bavarian Inn. All tourists try this dish before they leave the city. This family-style meal contains chicken with plenty of sides.

4. Wet Burrito

Well-known on the west side of Michigan and loved the most by the people of Grand Rapids, the wet burrito is that dish with a mystery to it in terms of its origin. In this burrito, the toppings are enchilada sauce and shredded cheese. This burrito variation’s best version is available at the Beltline Bar.

5. Paczki

This Polish pastry is savored all across the state, especially in Hamtramck, on the city-wide holiday of Fat Tuesday, which is also known as the Paczki Day. The festival celebrates Hamtramck’s Polish history with this pastry.

6. Fudge

Mackinac Island comes with this delicious treat in multiple varieties. Fudge is a beloved dish in the city, and tourists would go head over heels for the various versions. Locals call the tourists “fudgies” for the same reason. A variety of ice creams are also being sold under the name “Mackinac Island fudge.”

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