The Kitch’Room: Great Local Food–without the Pretentiousness

Deep Fried Kale Chips

Deep Fried Kale Chips

Note: Shortly after I posted this review, The Kitch’Room closed. I am deeply saddened because it was such a great little spot. Plus, I see a lot of people commenting that it would have done better in Eastown. My thoughts on that would take an entirely new post. I will say it’s unfortunate that local food is seen as so “crunchy,” for lack of a better word, that it is seen as something only for Eastownies. More on that later.

You may have noticed it’s been a bit quiet around here. I was in Nigeria for two weeks with minimal internet access. So what was the first American food I ate when I returned? I made my husband head straight for The Kitch’Room.

I have been there before but somehow neglected to post a review. Located on 28th street near Cascade, it’s not in the usual place you’d expect a local food establishment. They source as locally as possible (hence no ketchup in the winter and no lemon for the water) and their menu changes frequently so the menu is posted each day on the chalkboard.


As you can see from the photo above, the decor is rustic and comfortable. You don’t have to get dressed up. Unfortunately I was too hungry to take pictures of what we ate. We both ordered the The Butch Coolidge: pork shoulder gravy, cabbage, delicata. I think it was $19 each and the portions were just right–my husband was satisfied and I had to take some home. The pork shoulder was super tender, the delicata fries were so yummy I could have had another order of them. We finished with the apple cobbler with ginger ice cream. We felt it was a fair price.

I had eaten there before but my husband hadn’t. He agreed it is a nice change of pace. It’s the kind of food you can feel good about eating (I ran into my nutritionist there, ha ha). My only complaint (and you knew this was coming) is that it’s on the east side of town. Sigh. I really hope it does well so that more restaurateurs consider opening locally sourced places for the rest of us.

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