Bistro Bella Vita: A Refreshing Surprise

The husband and I went to Bistro Bella Vita the other night for the Nourishing Ways fundraiser. I was pleasantly surprised to have excellent service (we must be having a good luck streak lately or something! We have had great service at the last few restaurants we’ve been to). The food was just as wonderful as the service.

We ordered from the fundraiser tasting menu, so we were able to choose a first course, second course, and dessert for just $24.99. DH (Dear Husband) chose a Michigan craft beer and was impressed with the selection. I chose a non-Michigan Riesling since I knew I wanted to start with the cheese course (pictured above).

The waiter provided us with our drinks and bread with olive oil right away. The olive oil was quite good, nice and fruity – just the way I like it!

For the first course, I ordered the Michigan cheese tasting plate featuring two kinds of cheeses, bread, cherries, and candied pecans, all drizzled with honey. It was pure heaven; I never thought to drizzle honey on my goat cheese but will now!

DH ordered the meatballs and loved the sauce so much that he asked for extra bread so he could be sure to get every last drop.

DH and I both ordered the Pine Crest Beef Burgundy with ‘Bistro’ mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables and truffle demi-glace for our  main course. It was simply heavenly, except I realized right away that Riesling would not “go” with it. I asked my waiter for a cab and he graciously brought me a wonderful red wine right away. Ah, much better. DH joked that he probably brought me a $15 glass of wine.

By the time dessert came it was much too dark to get decent photos (even worse than the ones I already posted), so you’ll have to take my word for it that the desserts looked and tasted perfectly. I ordered the Crème Brulee made with MOO-ville cream and Grassfield Farm’s eggs and DH ordered the Michigan apple cobbler. Best of all, the rest of my Riesling went well with dessert.

When we got our bill, I was thankful that it wasn’t a $15 glass of cab, it was only $10 :-)

We will definitely be back; the atmosphere, service, and food were all excellent, which is hard to find.


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