Twisted Rooster: A Pleasant Surprise

Initially I was a bit hesitant to give Twisted Rooster a try. I’m all about locally sourced restaurants, but reviews have been mixed.  So I had no idea what to expect when my husband and I went there last Friday for dinner.

We had a 25-minute wait. While waiting we checked in on FourSquare and were warned not to get the macaroni and cheese. That’s fine, I’m sort of over the whole mac and cheese trend anyway.

The waitress was very pleasant, and DH and I were impressed with the Michigan beer and wine selection. It’s harder than one might expect to find Michigan wine on the menu – even for restaurants that advertise being locally sourced.

I loved that the menu included information on sourcing–such as Byron Center meats. The fish was even battered in Founders beer! Very cool. There wasn’t anything too “twisted” about the menu, which means that in the future I can take my in-laws here without worrying that they can’t find anything “safe” to eat. Pretty standard fare, and the prices were decent.

We decided to start with the roasted cheese & spinach dip ($5), which is our fallback appetizer.

The flavor was nice, not too salty (a common complaint in the reviews, but we didn’t have anything oversalted) and very creamy in texture–not goopy like you’d get in a chain restaurant.

DH ordered the corn chowder which was also quite good.

The flavors were very fresh and worked well.

For the main course, DH ordered the fish and chips ($11).

The homemade tartar sauce was very nice, the fish perfectly cooked. Loved that it was battered with Founders Pale Ale.

I ordered the fish tacos ($8) as my main dish.

The flavor was awesome, although they were very messy so I decided to knife and fork it. Not entirely sure why they provided tortilla chips with it.

We didn’t have room for dessert, but did have a second glass of beer and wine. Overall it was a very enjoyable experience. It was nice to have good service for a change, and while the food wasn’t out of the ordinary, it was fresh and tasty. I could see where more “foodie” types wouldn’t be super impressed, but it’s a good basic restaurant. I put it in the “chain alternative” category–somewhere you can take non-foodie people that isn’t a chain but where they’ll still feel comfortable.

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