Wealthy Street Bakery {Review}

Wealthy Street Bakery is one of those favorite Grand Rapids standbys. Even before eating local was trendy, everyone knew that they had THE BEST cinnamon rolls. Whenever someone wanted to bring an extra-special treat into the office they would head over to Wealthy Street.

Lately, though, I’ve been enjoying their lunches. I like the casual atmosphere and quick service.

This is my friend Brad. We met through the Mars Hill Running Group. Well, more like he met my husband, who is definitely the more athletic of the two of us, and then we ended up meeting at various running/biking events around town.

Last week I met with Harriet from the Etsy West Michigan Team to talk about a potential holiday collaboration with the West Michigan Bloggers. When she asked where I’d like to meet for lunch, I suggested the Wealthy Street Bakery. She had never been, so I was glad to be able to introduce her to a Grand Rapids landmark.

I ordered the lunch combo of half sandwich and soup. The sandwich:

No. 5 Wealthy Street Club $4.99 (half) • $6.99 (whole) • $7.99 (combo): Turkey, ham, bacon, Swiss, romaine and tomato

The soup: Adobe Chicken and Toasted Corn Chowder. Oh my word, the soup was so good I wanted to lick the bowl when I was done. The sandwich was nice and fresh, and I love their bread, but it paled in comparison to the soup.

I highly recommend it.

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